The Bible Companion


For over 100 years Christadelphians have been reading God's Word together, using the Bible Reading Plan called The Bible Companion.By following this Plan you will be able to read every chapter of the Bible each year, covering the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice every twelve months.Read the three portions shown for each day. Read carefully and prayerfully.

THE WORD OF GODThe Bible is the personal expression by God of His purposes in the past, the present and the future.It is God's revelation of Himself, the truth about ourselves, about the causes and effects of sin and death, the truth about salvation from sin and death through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.Herein is the Gospel or glad tidings of God's coming Kingdom on earth and how men and women may enter it.It contains all that God wants us to know and do.We neglect it at our peril… but to accept it will bring our salvation.


Our natural thoughts and ways can provide no more than man's wisdom and take us no further than the end of life.But God is willing-and eager-to teach us a better way of life Isaiah 55, verses 6-111 through His Word.He sent His Son to show us His way in action. Though wicked men crucified him, God raised him from the dead. He has been appointed by God as the means whereby others may be saved from eternal death, and he is God's chosen King for the worldwide Kingdom soon to be established.


Christadelphians throughout the world believe the Bible message. They invite you to look further into what the Bible is really saying.