Jesus Christ, His Sacrifice

God, in His love, provided His Son Jesus Christ to save man from perishing. Jesus, descended from Adam through his mother Mary, but with God as his Father, had the same mortal nature as all other humans, combined with an overruling desire to please His Father. He was aware of the same fleshly desires as those he came to save, yet he never sinned against God. He loved his Father so intensely and trusted Him so completely that he willingly submitted to death, even death on the cross, the inevitable result of total obedience to God in a godless world. By his faithfulness, Jesus overcame and destroyed the power of sin in his own body. Since death is the punishment for sin, God could not allow a sinless man to die, so God raised him from the dead, gave him immortality, and granted him all authority in heaven and earth. He now sits at God's right hand as a faithful Mediator and Saviour for all who would come to God through him.

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